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  • HR/BENEFITS - 24 Oct, 201440% of self-employed are aged over 65
    Two million self-employed people in the UK are aged over 50, according to a report from the International Longevity Centre.
  • NEWS ANALYSIS - 24 Oct, 2014Friday Focus: changing the AE game for the micros
    It’s been two years since the first UK companies auto-enrolled their workforce. It seems for large organisations, advisers and HR professionals auto enrolment has been around forever. But travel around the country and speak to the captains of business at the sharp end of UK Industry where one cancelled contract could spell the end for a firm and auto enrolment remains the least of their worries.
  • HR/BENEFITS - 23 Oct, 2014Caterpillar to revamp pension investment options due to Budget changes
    Manufacturer Caterpillar is planning to change its defined contribution (DC) scheme lifestyle strategy, giving members different options in the run up to retirement.
CIPP Pensions Faculty

The CIPP Pensions Faculty offers employers a range of information and events to help them with auto-enrolment and managing their pension scheme. Click here for more information.

FEATURE Safety First? Investment guarantees in workplace DC pensions

The appeal of a retirement fund that never drops below a certain value, regardless of what markets are doing around it, is obvious and many products aiming to do this have been offered to workplace schemes over the years, but with limited interest from employers and trustees.